Open Source Commitment

Colbenson is a software development company committed to the principles, value and opportunities of open source.

The advanced level, innovation, and technological sophistication of Colbenson's products would not be possible without the support of the growing community of developers and contributors to open source software.

Colbenson actively contributes to the Open Source Community for Search and Information Processing on Apache's Lucene Solr platform and to machine learning technologies and distribution Big Data such as Mahout, Hadoop and MongoDB.



Our site search solutions are compatible with all major Open Source e-commerce platforms such as Magento, PrestaShop, osCommerce, and ZenCart.

The flexible structure of EmpathyBroker also allows us to integrate with "closed products" such as Google, Autonomy, Endeca, Vivisimo and any other means of scanning and processing information.


All products developed by Colbenson are characterized by being highly adaptable.

The EmpathyBroker platform processes data from user behavior in real time in order to improve conversion rates incrementally without human intervention.

The ability to integrate key indicators, and the high capacity architecture capable of processing large amounts of data and learning user behavior, will get the most out of a search function 100% tailored to specific business needs.


19 mar

How to get fast real-time search with big data

If you’ve got a large amounts of data and need a powerful site search system with real-time access and speedy performance, you need to think about NoSQL.

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11 oct

Detecting similar searches

In a search analytics system it is very important to be able to detect duplicate searches or searches that use the same keywords. Understanding that these are the same query minimizes the number of aggregations that are made at each visit, speeding up the response ...

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2 oct

The Ministry of Justice present their new search for mobile and tablet channels

The Spanish Ministry of Justice, in collaboration with Colbenson, have just launched their new public interface for mobile and tablet channels.

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