Our History

We develop software and strategies dedicated to find and discover data and we have been doing so for over 10 years. The company was founded in the UK being initially specialized in providing training services to public and private sector organizations within the context of Information Retrieval and Enterprise Search. As of today Colbenson Learning continues to deliver educational services Worldwide for both technical and behavioral aspects of Findability and Information Retrieval.

In 2008 we launched the Empathy Project and a Software Factory to create the most advanced research and development directed to maximize the experience of finding and discovering data online, focusing on the process of finding within eCommerce stores. Such developments lead to the creation of the EmpathyBroker product; our flagship cloud-based Site Search, Auto-Complete and Discovery platform.

We focus first on delivering excellence for our customers: Our developments work ... but we don't just get the basics right, we also like to innovate and do things in style. Our ambition is to be at the forefront of the next generation of eCommerce Findability, maximizing the effectiveness of Site Search, Auto-Complete and Discovery by focussing on delivering an online experience designed to interact with People's emotions.

We have offices in Leeds, London, Barcelona, Ferrol and Florida.


Our Values

We believe in maximizing potential. We believe in maximizing the potential of our products, our customers and our selves, in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our mission is to provide innovative and stylish online conversion tools that consistently deliver excellence for our customers.


About our history, values and team.


We work with clients in the sectors of e-commerce, public administration, banking and finance, online media, travel and tourism and other industries.


Our search products are based on Apache Lucene / Solr, an open-source technology project to which we are major contributors.

Empathy research

Our innovative research project to make e-commerce site search into a more human customer experience.


We collaborate with partner organizations to ensure consistent delivery and support.

Work with us

Jobs and other opportunities to work with us.


At Colbenson we believe that everyone in our team has exceptional talent. Their primary objective is to maximize their own potential in order to contribute to the overall success of our company.
  • Angel Maldonado
    Angel Maldonado
    Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner

    Angel Maldonado (BSc) Studied Computer Information Systems at Liverpool University. He has spent the last 12 years passionately developing and executing Site Search, Navigation and Information Retrieval projects worldwide for companies like BBC, Zalando (Germany), Waeplus (UK) or ATT (US).

    Angel founded Colbenson and its software factory from where EmpathyBroker; the Site Search Analytics and Shopping conversion platform is developed and marketed. 

    Angel loves virtually any type of sea sports, plays guitar and enjoys poetry and meditation. Angel has lived in the US (San Francisco), Spain (Asturias) and United Kingdom (London where he is now based). He stands for hope, learning and excellence.

  • Borja Santaolalla
    Borja Santaolalla
    Chief Customer Officer & Partner

    After 6 years in the UK, where he started his professional career as a product engineer (Unilever) and consultant (Microsoft/Groove), Borja came back to Spain to help Colbenson become a global leader in Enterprise Search. Borja has directly contributed to the sales and execution of best of breed projects in this arena, helping global organizations such as BBVA, Mango, BUPA (Sanitas), Banco do Brasil, Ministry of Justice, Bank of Spain and others to adapt their online businesses to their users through better site search and personalisation. 

    Borja is a frequent speaker on ecommerce events (OMExpo, Expo Ecommerce, iiR Search, IDC ECM, FICOD, etc..) and blogs regularly on site search and ecommerce issues.

    Borja has a BA in Physics and Mathematics from Lake Forest College, Chicago, USA and MSc in Mechanical Engineers – Product Design from University of Leeds, UK.

    He is passionate about food, music and design, and tries to never miss a training session for his next triathlon event. 

  • Guillermo Rodriguez
    Guillermo Rodriguez
    Chief Financial Officer

    When Guillermo was a boy, his dream was to become a professional golf player. However he is an economist now whom studied Business Administration and Tourism at Alfonso X El Sabio University in Madrid. 

    His life has been a constant change, he was born in Gijon (Asturias-Northern Coast of Spain) but has lived for a long time between Madrid and Lanzarote. Guillermo has worked for several companies performing different roles in different sectors such as Toursim (Oasis Hotels & Air Europa), Market Research and Consultancy. He finally found his place at Colbenson-EmpathyBroker.

    After the office it's sports time! Football, Golf, Snowboarding, Cycling...it doesn't matter which one, sports is the perfect complement for the daily routine

  • María Martín
    María Martín
    Chief Marketing Officer

    Maria Martin, born in Spain with over 10 years of working experience in multinational companies and multicultural environments. Lived in the US for a few years and after working for the world leader company in market-driven Innovation and Science, DuPont de Nemours, she finished her MBA in Protocol and External Affairs by the Camilo Jose Cela University in Madrid and then gained experience as a professional event planner at the acclaimed International Cultural Center Oscar Niemeyer where she was responsible of the Events Managing as well as the welcoming of relevant personalities from all over the world such as politicians and celebrities. She is now responsible of Marketing and Public Relations at Colbenson-EmpathyBroker as part of the Internationalization project. Loves cooking, fashion and dogs and has a special abbility to help others with her ingenuity and charm.

  • Benito Santos
    Benito Santos
    Chief Software Architect

    The relationship between computing and Benito was not a love at first sight, but has consolidated over time. He began to study Computer Science not even knowing how to turn on a computer and he did not imagine he would end up graduating with good record and feeling privileged to enjoy his job.

    Benito has over nine years experience in designing and building information systems, and most of that time working with search technologies (Autonomy IDOL, Apache Solr / Lucene). Although more and more time devoted to management tasks, he never neglect his developer skills.

    In his spare time he is playing soccer (although every new year he is injured more often :), goes hiking because he loves nature, tries not to miss any near pop-rock festival and never stays at home for holidays.

  • Samuel Garcia
    Samuel Garcia
    Chief Product Manager

    From an early age, Samuel has been between bytes and opcodes. His passion begun when at 8 he was given his first computer and started learning the Basic language. From there, he learned to program in C and C++.

    Since he joined Colbenson, his day by day is a ongoing fight versus data and statistics. Also, he loves solving complex problems, especially those involving many systems and services.

    As hobbies, he loves bodyboarding and playing videogames. 

  • Javier Rodríguez
    Javier Rodríguez
    Account Executive

    Javier started his career as a professional alpine skier since he was just a child, during 27 years he balanced his time between competing and teaching this sport.While these years he also found the time to start and get involved in various different entrepreneurial projects related with sector such as tourism, sport, hospitality and technology.Life took him to live in London for the past 3 years, where he established and started a bike/e-bikes distribution company which includes brands such as Xkuty and AlterBikes.Active, determined, passionate and a adventurous. Javi is a perfect connector.

  • Cristian Graglia
    Cristian Graglia
    Creative Director

    Multidisciplinary graphic designer and creative. Cristian was born in Argentina but for over 14 years he is living in Madrid. In his work he is passionate about creating experiences that establish links between brands and people. 

    Since coming to Colbenson, he is dedicated on finding creative and innovative ways to improve communication problems through digital formats. 

    He is passionate about sports, gastronomy, music and photography.

  • Raquel Vidal
    Raquel Vidal
    R&D Front Engineering

    While in high school she had planned to study chemistry, however computer transformed her life taking 360 degrees turn. She was born and educated at Ferrol and she entered at Colbenson recently graduated .

    She is dedicated to Research & Innovation. She is passionate about programming but she is best at giving a new style and angle to any project.

    When she is free from work, She likes spending time reading or studying how to cook. She loves animals (especially cats), going for a walk along the beach of her hometown and making desserts.

  • Alejandro Perez
    Alejandro Perez
    Set-Up Manager

    Passionate about nature and animals, Alejandro was born in Ferrol when the city was being beaten by a cyclone. His vocation for technology is innate and he knew that he wanted since he was a child.

    Since he graduated, he has worked for several leading companies in its sector and now devotes all its efforts on improving Colbenson-EmpathyBroker.

    He spends his free time practicing his hobby, photography.

  • Isabel Mendoza
    Isabel Mendoza
    Quality & Planning

    Isa studied Industrial Engineering in Gijón and is an ecommerce expert. In Colbenson ensures EmpathyBroker's set up quality.

    When she leaves the office she likes to disconnect at the gym, spinning is perfect for her.
    If the weather permits advantage for hiking or get lost on the Asturian beaches, but her real hobby is traveling around the world and to know other cultures.
  • Manuel Fachal
    Manuel Fachal
    Software Architect

    Manuel is from the generation that was born with a computer under their arm, always had computing in his mind. He is Computer Technical Engineer from the University of A Coruña and reached Colbenson shortly after finishing his studies although he has work in several companies.

    Born in Pontedeume (Galicia) spends his free time lost by the Natural Park "Fragas do Eume" either walk, bike or canoe. Also likes switching off with a great paddle match with friends.

  • José Martínez
    José Martínez
    Software Architect

    Born in Ferrol, he used his first computer when he was 4. He has been passionate about computers ever since, and always knew what his professional career was going to be.

    Graduated in Computer Engineering by the University of Coruña, he specializes in the development of web applications. At Colbenson he works on developing and improving EmpathyBroker internal systems.
    His hobbies include cinema, videogames and chess.
  • Borja Carriquiri
    Borja Carriquiri
    Front developer

    His initiation with computing was a gradual and progressive one since he was given a computer with a notebook with Basic programming language codes.
    Borja has always been a person closely linked to the research of new technologies, loves the world of mobile devices.
    After a childhood influenced by computers, he decided to study Web Development applications.
    Among his biggest hobbies are the sea, sports and animals always sharing all these passions with his close acquaintances.