Live in Manchester!

May 2013
Three updates to tell you about! Next week we're live at the eCommerce Expo in Manchester, we have slide and photos from the eCommerce NG in Leeds last month and we'll be in Istanbul on the 31st!
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Maximize the potential of mobile commerce

April 2013
We're really excited about the mobile commerce event on Friday 19th, we have worked hard to find the most interesting and innovative speakers in the sector to try to make the event as different and as valuable as possible.
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Mobile Commerce Event

March 2013
We'd like to invite you to a free eCommerce masterclass event called "Maximize the Potential of Mobile Commerce". The event will take place on the morning of 19th April at the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds. Attendance is free, but places are very limited, so please let us know if you, or someone else in your organisation, would be interested in attending.
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Will you be at Birmingham IRX in March?

February 2013
We're getting excited about the Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) in Birmingham this March! We have a stand at the event, right in the centre (next to the bar), so we'll be hard to miss ... and, as usual, we will not be giving away any free stuff other than our sparkling conversation and great advice!
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NY Resolutions! A: Lose Weight! and B? You have to keep reading to find out :)

January 2013
Well here´s option b: For me it would be to buy myself something online that´d make me feel happier or made me look better even if I didn´t lose that weight ... :)
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The customer experience of using site search.

December 2012
Welcome to December's newsletter. In order to avoid talking about Christmas, the theme for this month's newsletter is the customer experience of using site search.
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Welcome to the new Colbenson newsletter

November 2012
Welcome to the new Colbenson newsletter, I hope you find it useful. This month has been pretty busy at Colbenson, we've signed some great new clients, in particularly German ebook giant Txtr, and we were at the eCommerce Expo in London in early October with a stand and a presentation about site search.
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