Single brand fashion store on more than 20 languages for both desktop and mobile APP with elements of expressive design.

Single brand fashion in 33 languages including complex languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian.

Multi-bite wide and complex catalogue for fashion with over 12 languages and unified findability.

Single brand lingerie rich catalogue with instant results that unifies findability.

Multi brands and large catalogue of electrical parts and electrical related components displayed in instant search mode.

eBooks online with a powerful, rich and instant auto-complete for Authors and Titles with Worldwide titles and multi-language.

eBooks and books from Berlin. Hundreds of thousands of records with a visually rich experience.

Banking and finance Worldwide where Findability is powered Worldwide with instant and motion results.

Multi-brand wine and alcoholic drinks store in French and Spanish with a large complex catalogue.

Banking and Finance for Spanish public facing web site with instant results and a fully responsive design.

Spare parts Worldwide with over 107 webs for multi-brand products and an extraordinary complex and large catalogue.

Unique products for home and garden for the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation.

Multi-brand catalogue of everything needed related to cater for babies and young children.

A special range of clothes and activities geared towards adults or what they very nicely call "Saltwater Players".

A collection of the world's best fashion chosen by you, offering a wide catalogue of brands, products, collections and versatile styles (under development).


27 mar

Bradley Street selects SearchBroker emotive Site Search to rock findability

We are very happy to share with you that Bradley Street has selected SearchBroker emotive Site Search to deliver completely new ways of finding to their customer's clothing wishes and needs.

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27 mar

Good design, marketing and communication is all about hitting your market emotions

Most of you are probably familiar already with our view towards Findability and Site Search where we believe that the Users should be dealt with as People. As such persons that are driven by emotions and a need to feel empathetically connected with the coldness and feeling-agnostic digital ecosystem.

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19 mar

Fashion Digital UK 8th April in London with SearchBroker

Over 300 e-commerce leaders – from the largest brands to innovative and disruptive start-ups including SearchBroker SiteSearch – will discuss how the British Fashion industry must evolve its digital strategies in order to increase revenues and customer base both in the UK and on a global scale. With digital strategies in its infancy and the Fashion Industry leading online sales, Fashion Digital UK will address these opportunities and determine what drives a customer to buy online.

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13 mar

Grabble, a collection of the world’s best fashion chosen by you, selects SearchBroker

Grabble grabs the cardinal socio-economic consequences of this multi-directional revolution that Internet is. Grabble flows with the fragmentation of fashion sources, creators, distributors, channels, designers and markets, connecting a more and more versatile audience and pool of potential buyers to an exponentially growing number of fashion sources, stores, trends and styles.

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19 feb selects SearchBroker Site Search

Is a great privilege to be able to choose your customers, and I must say is a great privilege for Colbenson to be able to work with and adding our peculiar vision on Emotional Findability for the digital identity of such a brand.

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