Single brand fashion in 33 languages including complex languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian.

Multi-bite wide and complex catalogue for fashion with over 12 languages and unified findability.

Single brand lingerie rich catalogue with instant results that unifies findability.

Multi brands and large catalogue of electrical parts and electrical related components displayed in instant search mode.

eBooks online with a powerful, rich and instant auto-complete for Authors and Titles with Worldwide titles and multi-language.

eBooks and books from Berlin. Hundreds of thousands of records with a visually rich experience.

Banking and finance Worldwide where Findability is powered Worldwide with instant and motion results.

Multi-brand wine and alcoholic drinks store in French and Spanish with a large complex catalogue.

Banking and Finance for Spanish public facing web site with instant results and a fully responsive design.

Spare parts Worldwide with over 107 webs for multi-brand products and an extraordinary complex and large catalogue.

Unique products for home and garden for the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation.

Multi-brand catalogue of everything needed related to cater for babies and young children.

A special range of clothes and activities geared towards adults or what they very nicely call "Saltwater Players".

A collection of the world's best fashion chosen by you, offering a wide catalogue of brands, products, collections and versatile styles (under development).


7 abr

SEARCHERS: The ultimate resource?

With hundreds (even thousands) of products in stock it's pretty easy for the user to get lost and not find what she wants if our web has a poor web architecture. Upper menu, lateral menu, highlights… And a little search box in the upper right, just in case... Just in case?! This web structure has been pretty popular during the last few years, in when the information architects...

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27 mar

EmpathyBroker increses revenue by 200% on

Since Worten started to use EmpathyBroker’s technology the impact on sales increased severely. This way, the profits obtained by use of their new searcher were of 91.000 euros, which is a 224% more than what was achieved with the earlier searcher.

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23 mar

The ‘LONG-TAIL’ user

As we have mentioned in earlier posts, the analysis and knowledge obtained from our EmpathyBroker tool has shown us that a broad spectrum of user profiles exists and that a good bunch of them show a high degree of intentionality when surfing along a given kind of ecommerce.

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19 mar

EmpathyBroker: Personlized searching

What happens when two agents don't speak the same language? It's seems pretty clear that both of them use the same oral language, the same channel. Nonetheless they are unable to understand the code.

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16 mar

From screen to paper

Long lost are those days in which the natural progresión was from offline to online. Digital media was considered as something marginal against what was really important: the physical world. The ‘real’ stuff took all credibility against the new (though still quiet) virtual world, which was left as something unreliable.

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12 mar

A cooler searcher for DESIGUAL

When a brand wants to make the difference, this difference must be applied in all senses. Desigual, the most colorful Spanish fashion brand, thought that if ‘life is cool… why shouldn’t its internal browser be so?’.

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11 mar

Monobrand vs Multibrand positioning

Comparisons are odious, even more when you compare two entirely different things. Since the Internet was introduced as a new media, it seamed advertising would be easier and cheaper from then on, in comparison with offline media.

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2 mar

THEDRESS: When a viral give us a name

I still remember the days when we wrote down the clothing’s reference numbers at the shop. Then all of us invented different names for the same garment. No words needed; fashion has always been visual stuff… but not from now on.

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26 feb

DIGITAL EMPHATY: Know what your customers want

If your ecommerce is one of those that has several categories and plenty of products in stock you may have to ask yourself what are you selling, how you selling it and to whom.

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23 feb

ROPO: from searcher to shop

There was a time when the importance of the online media versus the retail was a very argued issue. Everything pointed towards ecommerce would overcome traditional shops. The new media detractors would argue things like consumer experience or inmediate buy as key issues.

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