Single brand fashion store on more than 20 languages for both desktop and mobile APP with elements of expressive design.

Single brand fashion in 33 languages including complex languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian.

Multi-bite wide and complex catalogue for fashion with over 12 languages and unified findability.

Single brand lingerie rich catalogue with instant results that unifies findability.

Multi brands and large catalogue of electrical parts and electrical related components displayed in instant search mode.

eBooks online with a powerful, rich and instant auto-complete for Authors and Titles with Worldwide titles and multi-language.

eBooks and books from Berlin. Hundreds of thousands of records with a visually rich experience.

Banking and finance Worldwide where Findability is powered Worldwide with instant and motion results.

Multi-brand wine and alcoholic drinks store in French and Spanish with a large complex catalogue.

Banking and Finance for Spanish public facing web site with instant results and a fully responsive design.

Spare parts Worldwide with over 107 webs for multi-brand products and an extraordinary complex and large catalogue.

Unique products for home and garden for the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation.

Multi-brand catalogue of everything needed related to cater for babies and young children.

A special range of clothes and activities geared towards adults or what they very nicely call "Saltwater Players".

A collection of the world's best fashion chosen by you, offering a wide catalogue of brands, products, collections and versatile styles (under development).

A massive catalogue with over half a million items through a selection of both new and used CDs, DVDs, Games (under development)

Multi-brand fashion catalogue with hundreds of thosands of "presctocked" products from top brands. (Under development)


24 jul

Mimub selects SearchBroker

We are delighted to announce our latest customer onboard within our extensive list of fashion and lifestyle retailers. Searchbroker has become a fundamental site search service in order to help customers discover products in a fun and engaging way.

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14 jul

Cowshed selects SearchBroker

At Colbenson we are living a very special time enjoying the rise in demand for our Site Search product; SearchBroker, a unique SaaS based findability platform that adapts real time to user behaviours deploying the latest research on Expressive Design, Digital Empathy and Emotive Site Search developed as part of the R&D project; The Empathy Project (sponsored by Colbenson).

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7 jul

Pull&Bear selects SearchBroker

Pull&Bear is a global project designed for young people who want to feel good with the way they dress, a task that the brand accomplishes incorporating the latest trends in style. Pull&Bear offer requires online the emotionally aware findability patterns that SearchBroker Emotive Site Search delivers to many online leaders such as Mango, Zara, Hoalen or Adoreme.

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30 jun

Desigual selects SearchBroker

Happy to announce that Desigual has selected SearchBroker Emotive Site Search to power Findability on Desigual; a company that we all admire and love, particularly for its people's driven nature and its focus on people's feelings, aspects with which we truly empathize.

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23 jun

Adolfo Dominguez selects SearchBroker

We are delighted, very excited and very produd with this new customer win in the Fashion and Life Style sector, adding to a growing portfolio of fashion leaders that use SearchBroker to connect their customers to their products, enhancing findability levels and customer experience such as Zara, Mango, Adoreme, Hoalen, Monsoon, Desigual, Pull&Bear or Daniel Footwear.

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