Single brand fashion in 33 languages including complex languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian.

Multi-bite wide and complex catalogue for fashion with over 12 languages and unified findability.

Single brand lingerie rich catalogue with instant results that unifies findability.

Multi brands and large catalogue of electrical parts and electrical related components displayed in instant search mode.

eBooks online with a powerful, rich and instant auto-complete for Authors and Titles with Worldwide titles and multi-language.

eBooks and books from Berlin. Hundreds of thousands of records with a visually rich experience.

Banking and finance Worldwide where Findability is powered Worldwide with instant and motion results.

Multi-brand wine and alcoholic drinks store in French and Spanish with a large complex catalogue.

Banking and Finance for Spanish public facing web site with instant results and a fully responsive design.

Spare parts Worldwide with over 107 webs for multi-brand products and an extraordinary complex and large catalogue.

Unique products for home and garden for the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation.

Multi-brand catalogue of everything needed related to cater for babies and young children.

A special range of clothes and activities geared towards adults or what they very nicely call "Saltwater Players".

A collection of the world's best fashion chosen by you, offering a wide catalogue of brands, products, collections and versatile styles (under development).


9 ene selects EmpathyBroker, the new force in Search & Navigation

We are delighted to announce in this promising year the first new Worldwide customer for the new EmpathyBroker

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22 dic

The toy makers Imaginarium Selects SearchBroker Site Search

Who does't love this brand? The fabulous creators of the most amazing and ground braking toys. Imaginarium is a fascinating brand and we are delighted for having been selected to power their findability at,

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4 dic

SearchBroker Site Search evolves into EmpathyBroker Search & Navigation

From the 1st of January 2015 "SearchBroker Emotive Site Search" not only changes name to "EmpathyBroker People & Data", it evolves from offering its current on-site search capabilities to standardise into Navigation as well.

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27 nov

Worten selects Searchbroker

Christmas is the time of the year for home and electronic appliances retailers. We're so excited Worten, one of the industry leaders in Spain and Portugal, has selected Searchbroker as one of the key conversion drivers to fuel site search sales throughout the critical Christmas campaign.

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13 nov

Try out new onsite Search powered by SearchBroker at

We are delighted that the independent chain of department stores in the United Kingdom; Fenwick has selected and rapidly deployed SearchBroker

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27 oct selects SearchBroker Site Search

Ligo, a leader in top-quality electronic goods online with presence in the UK, France and Germany, has selected SearchBroker emotive Site Search.

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20 oct

Grabble, the Tinder of Fashion powers findability with SearchBroker for its mobile app

Imagine an app where fashion from multiple places is accessible through the coolest finding experience, that magical place exists for real, is named Grabble and its findability is powered by SearchBroker Site Search.

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24 sep

New Synonymize & Empathize features in SearchBroker

We are delighted with this extraordinary evolution of SearchBroker, one more step towards our ultimate goal of a happy, joyful and totally satisfactory finding experience

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4 sep

SearchBroker customers deploy new Emotive Site Search

We are people and the sooner online stores give its deserved relevant role to its customers emotionally driven nature, the greater the effect on its customers perceptions.

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29 ago

Motobuykers selects SearchBroker

Motobuykers, one of the european leading online retailers in motorcycling equipment, has selected SearchBroker to revamp its site search experience.

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